GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! 20th century shipwrecks


20th century shipwrecks

What is the legacy of the 20th century today? The cities, two world wars and the fear of a third, the wreckage of social systems, the illusions, the violence, the media and the idiosyncrasies of the mass message. ‘Guns! Guns! Guns! 20th century shipwrecks’ follows the Blitz theatre group in Normandy as they search in the ruins of the previous century, and discusses with historian Mark Mazower in Paris about the writing of history and the state of things, now and then.

With the participation of Aggeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis, Yorgos Valais, Mark Mazower, Mendie Megas, Vangelis Zlatintsis, Ippokratis Delveroudis, Vassia Attarian, Maria Filini, Sofia Kokkali

2013, episode for the documentary series 'Paraskinio'

“I think the legacy of the 20th century is that we all live in cities. In 1900 most of the population did not live in cities. Today most of the world’s population lives in cities. What does that mean? People organized in large anarchic clusters, surrounded by concrete, accustomed to very rapid change. There is the problem of noise. Which was just beginning to be a problem in 1900. But people live in a very different world of sound. And of course they live in a very different relationship to the past. Because cities generate pasts in a quite different way. Political power is exercised over cities sometimes more directly, sometimes less directly, but in a very different way than it can be exercised over large areas of countryside where the roads are very bad. So, if you ask me, I think the legacy is we live in cities and when things go really bad we think of getting out of them. Turn the clock back. And we dream of returning to the garden of Eden. And it’s a sign of how far away we are from the garden of Eden that we forgot about the snake, and we forgot about all the bad things about living in the countryside, that were why people were desperate to get out of it and to make money. There’s of course more to be said about the 20th century.”
— Mark Mazower interview

Written & directed by
Syllas Tzoumerkas

Produced by
Lakis Papastathis, Takis Hatzopoulos

Director of photography
Pantelis Mantzanas

Edited by
Gogo Bebelou

Stage performance directed by
The Blitz theatre group

Blitz theatre group, Nikos Flessas, Marialena Mamareli

ERT, Cinetic

a conversation with Mark Mazower
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