The Devouring Eyes


Marianna and her mother; three days of their parallel lives, deconstructed: 1\departures · 2\visions · 3\passion · 4\an ascent

Cast Amalia Moutoussi, Aspasia Alevra, Costis Tzanocostakis, Dimitris Liolios, Syllas Tzoumerkas, Marilita Lambropoulou
international premiere Cannes Film Festival 2001 – Cinéfondation
National premiere Drama ISFF 2000 (Best director award)
Festivals / Awards Karlovy Vary IFF 2001 (Jury Prize), Uppsalla ISFF, Aix-en-Provence ISFF, Greek Film Awards (Quality Mention), etc.

Τα Μάτια που Τρώνε, Ta Matia pou Trone, 2000, 35mm, Stereo, 26'

Directed by
Syllas Tzoumerkas

Written by
Syllas Tzoumerkas

Produced by
Syllas Tzoumerkas

Director of photography
Pantelis Mantzanas

Syllas Tzoumerkas

Music composed by
Sakis Papadimitriou

Sound by
Sotiris Papageorgiou

Still photography by
Syllas Tzoumerkas

Post-production supervisor
Thanos Anastopoulos

A DANZAprojekt production with the support of
the L. Stavrakos Film School and the
Insituut Media en Re/presentatie, Universiteit Utrecht

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