Tips To Help You Choose a Vanity For Your Bathroom

Even though it’s not the most important thing in a bathroom (since you’ll probably get in there looking for the shower or the toilet), vanities are basically the center of attention of a washroom. This means that choosing one is critical to make your bathroom look the way you want it to, to make the best use of space, and, in general terms, make it the most useful possible. That’s why we bring you some advice for choosing the right vanity for your bathroom:

  1. Calculate your space: Before even thinking of buying a new vanity, it’s essential to measure the space you’ll place it in, so you can find one that fits correctly. Take into consideration different items like:
  • Make sure that it doesn’t block the entry or shower door opening
  • Take into account features like mirrors, handles, switches, and power outlets
  • Leave enough space between it and the toilet
  • Check on plumbing location

In this case, a tape measure is quite helpful. Take as many measures as you need, walk through the place and try to picture out a furniture disposition that feels comfortable and practical.

  1. Think about materials: When looking at materials, you want one that accomplishes two things: Matches the room’s style and bears its humid ambient. Wood veneers usually work just fine for cabinets, and as for the countertop, something durable and easy to clean is perfect, like ceramics. In terms of design, it’s recommendable to choose the countertop since it’s easier to find a cabinet and tiles to match it than doing it the other way around. This way, you can also find a unique countertop and still complement it properly.
  2. What will you storage: It’s one of the main reasons you need a vanity in the first place, so don’t take it for granted. Do you need to store everything in cabinets or drawers? Can you install shelves to place some things on? If you don’t need so much storage space, you can invest in a smaller vanity or use that space you don’t need for a bigger sink, mirror, or top.
  3. Who’s going to use it: This item kind of determines the first three, and it can be a shortcut to finding the right vanity. Depending on the user, the required features change a lot. If it’s for a kid’s bathroom you might not need such a big mirror, and vibrant colors can be a great option. If it’s for a visit’s bathroom, storage space is not that important, but a good mirror is.

At first, it might seem like a really hard decision to make, but when considering important things, options start to reduce until we end up with a more specific spectrum of options from which is way easier to choose. You can always get some help and talk to your designer or contractor, but in the end, it just takes some time and comparison, and we’re 100% sure that if you follow these tips, you will find the perfect vanity for you.


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