Ways To Find The Perfect Vanity For Any Single Person Or Couple’s Needs

What’s the first thing you see when you enter a bathroom? The vanity. Vanities are a crucial part of the room and can really highlight its aesthetics, so choosing the right one is an important choice. But the fact that it’s crucial doesn’t mean that it has to be an impossible task, there are different tips that you can follow to get to the right choice without much drama, and here we present you some of them:

  • Size: Measure the space you have to install a vanity, and how big should it be thinking about the rest of the elements of the bathroom. If you’re going to use it with your couple, you might get one with more storage space to store personal care elements.
  • Single or double sink? : If you are single, this one pretty much answers itself, but otherwise double sink vanities are perfect for a couple’s bathroom. It allows each partner to use one and have some personal space and adds more to that couple’s bath aura. 
  • Sink style: The main function of a vanity is to hold a sink, and because of that, the sink style affects the looks of the whole thing. Between the different options to pick from you can find:
  • Under-mount sinks: That goes underneath the countertop 
  • Drop-in sinks: Which edges rest on the countertop, and their base goes under the counter
  • Pedestal sinks: As simple as their name suggests, these sinks rest on a pedestal base, and are perfect for small bathrooms
  • Vessel sinks: Sit on top of the counter
  • Wall-mounted sinks: Also called floating sinks are mounted to the wall, giving a sensation of more space
  • Consider different designs: Vanities come in different sizes and shapes, and they all work differently when matching with a bath’s style. Just as with sinks you can find a whole spectrum of options like wall-mounted, corner, and freestanding vanities
  • Color: Of course, a deal-breaker is getting the right color when choosing. If you’re building the bathroom from scratch, you can choose the colors of the walls, floor, and ornaments to match your vanity’s colour, and vice versa. Neutral colors like white, black, and gray are always the go-to option, but you can get more creative with that and if you want to add a pop of color, pick one that really stands out. Wood cabinets are also a nice choice

So now you might have some parameters to guide with at the moment of choosing. Just picture out the whole room, its components and imagine how different sizes, colors, and styles can work together. If it’s a couple’s plan, two heads think better than one, do some brainstorming, make a list of options and discuss it to get to the one that suits both the best. If it’s a single plan that’s no problem either, you can always look for inspiration online, maybe talk to a designer, just give it some time and we’re sure that you’ll find the right vanity for you… and your bathroom.


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